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Frequently Asked Questions: Main Campus Youth Conferences

*The following information is for Main Campus Youth Conferences only.
If you are attending one of our Regional Conferences, please check with that site for more information.

For all of our Main Campus Terms, Conditions, Rules, and Deadlines please see our 2017 Group Leader Information Packet.

How do I sign up/Register for a Main Campus Conference?

Registration is 100% online, and on a first come, first serve basis.
Registration for 2017 will open at 8:00 a.m. EST on Monday, November 7, 2016.  Please go to www.steubenvilleconferences.com/youth and click "Register Now"

All conference participants must be pre-registered as groups, as there will be no on-site registrations. 
Some weekends sell out very quickly, so please have a second choice in mind.  If the conference you desire is sold out, you have the following options:

  • If an alternate on-campus conference is open that you are able to attend, you can sign up for an alternate conference. 
  • If you cannot attend any of our other on-campus conferences and/or would prefer to attend one of our 14 regional conferences, you can register with one of our regional conferences.  Go to www.steubenvilleconferences.com/youth and click on the regional conference you are interested in attending for a list of contact information and registration materials.
  • You can be added to the wait list by calling (740) 284-5888.  Please be advised that this list may not make any movement until mid-May 2017 when groups begin to drop spots.  
Download Instructions here.

What is the cost for a Main Campus Youth Conferences?

Staying On-Campus
Cost: $199 per person – Includes Registration, Meals, & On-Campus Housing
A $40 per person Non-Refundable Deposit is due upon registration.
All remaining balances due April 21, 2017

Staying Off-Campus
Cost: $175 per person – Includes Registration & Meals (no housing)
A $40 per person Non-Refundable Deposit is due upon registration.
All remaining balances due April 21, 2017

Discounts for Main Campus Youth Conference
Steubenville Diocese $175 (same as off campus)
Faculty/Staff and Dependents $99 (about half of regular rate)

Download information here.

For information about the other Youth Conferences taking place in other locations visit: www.steubenvilleconferences.com

When are all the forms and payments due? What is the refund policy?

Please see the 2017 Group Leader Checklist for all deadlines.

Due to demand and the need for advanced planning, we require a definite commitment from our participants.  For this reason, all payments are non-refundable.  The deposits from any cancelled spots cannot be applied toward the payment of the balance for the rest of the group. 

What ages can come to the youth conferences?

The youth conferences are open to all teens who have just graduated 8th grade up to those who have just graduated high school.

I am 19 (or 20) can I come to the conference?

Unfortunately, unless you have just graduated high school, no, that is not possible.

However, we do offer Young Adult Conferences for those between the ages of 18 and 25, for more information please visit http://steubenvilleconferences.com/young-adult/.

We also host five Adult Conferences on campus, for more information please visit http://steubenvilleconferences.com/adult/.

What is the chaperon policy?

Each group must have at least 1 chaperon for every 10 youth of each gender (you may have up to 2 chaperons for every 10).

Chaperons MUST be at least 21 and have completed whatever training is required in your home diocese to be able to work with youth.

Every adult attendee must have the Adult Chaperon Application/Verification Form signed by his/her diocesan official. 

Can I send my youth alone?

No, individual registrations will not be accepted.

In order to provide the best possible context for fellowship, sharing, ministry, and supervision, the youth conferences handle registration by groups only.  A group can be as small as 1 youth and 1 chaperon of the same gender.

I’m a mother who would like to bring her son, but no male chaperon. Is this allowed?

Technically you are allowed, however it is not ideal and we discourage it.

You would have to stay off-campus. In addition, you would have to find a group who would be willing to chaperon your son during the men’s session. We cannot give out group information; however we can give you a list of churches in your area who are attending. It will be your responsibility to connect with the group leader.

For information, email us at youthconferences@franciscan.edu.

I am bringing my own children. Do I need to have the Adult Chaperon Application/Verification Form signed by my diocesan official?

Yes, you must have the form signed, even if you are bringing your own children. This is a Safe Environment issue and a Diocesan Policy, we can make no exceptions.

Click for the Adult Chaperon Application/Verification Form

What are the on campus housing accommodations like?

On-Campus Housing is in the residence halls, half of which are not air-conditioned.  Additionally, you can expect to sleep a minimum of four participants per room on campus, and up to six people, meaning at least half will have to sleep on the floor.  Please pack accordingly (sleeping bags, cots, air mattresses, blankets, pillows, and fans).  Groups will be informed of their specific housing locations at check-in on the opening day of the conference. 

For those staying in our on-campus dorms, please be prepared to walk a significant distance with your luggage.  Buses will not be permitted to drive directly to most dormitories. 

Due to security concerns and in order to protect participants, dorms are closed throughout the day from the beginning of the morning session until after the evening session is over.  No attendee, adult or youth, will be allowed in these areas for any reason.

Franciscan University of Steubenville is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Only registered participants may stay in our housing facilities, attend sessions, attend Mass, and receive meals.  Alternate housing arrangements must be made for bus drivers if they are not registered participants.  Conference staff will provide transportation to and from the three Steubenville hotels for bus drivers Friday and Sunday, but not Saturday.

Can my group be housed with/near another group (we are traveling together)?

Yes. This information must be recorded on your Group Information Form. Any requests for housing accommodations made after the due date for this form may not be possible.

Before I arrive, can you tell me what dorm I will be staying in/how many rooms I’ll have?

We cannot give out housing information before you arrive (such as if you’re in air conditioned or non-air conditioned housing, how many rooms you have been assigned, etc.), not even if you call on your way. The numbers fluctuate so much that it is simply impossible to facilitate. We can tell you that we tend to house 4-6 people to each room. We encourage you to plan on bringing with you whatever you will need to feel comfortable, regardless of your housing assignment (such as a fan if you are put in a non-air conditioned dorm).

What time do I need to arrive on Friday? What time can I expect to leave on Sunday?

On Friday: Check-in is from 2-6pm.
Traveler’s Mass is at 4:00pm, only groups who have checked in may attend
Chaperon Meeting is at 4:00pm, all new chaperons and/or one chaperon from every group must attend.
Dinner is from 5:00-6:30.
The sessions begin at 7pm.

Sunday lunch is over by 1pm
You must be checked out of your dorms by 2pm
Please plan your arrival and departure accordingly.

Where is check-in on registration day?

Buses: Rather than entering the registration parking lot or campus at the main entrance, you must take the West entrance to campus (located between the University Inn and the Super 8 on University Blvd). Buses will be directed to a designated parking area.  Once the bus is parked, shuttles will bring the Group Leader and one chaperon to the check-in site.  The Youth and remaining Adult Chaperons will stay with the buses and await the return of the Group Leader.

Cars/Vans: May enter the registration parking lot and park. Teens and Adult Chaperons must stay with the vehicle while the Group Leader turns in forms and receives check-in materials.
At this time, you will turn in your

You will receive your

  • Wristbands,
  • Lanyards, and
  • On-campus housing assignments.

Participants will not be allowed to enter the housing facilities, receive meals, or enter Mass or sessions without a wristband and lanyard.

What should I bring to the conference?

  • sleeping bag and pillow
  • toiletries, washcloth, and towel
  • an umbrella or other rain gear
  • a backpack – to carry belongings throughout the day as all sleeping areas are off limits during the day
  • a sweatshirt or jacket for the evening sessions – the Fieldhouse can get cold
  • a fan – not all dorms are air-conditioned
  • sunblock         
  • a Bible, notebook, and pen
  • spending money – to visit the Franciscan University Bookstore or to purchase snacks, food, and drinks
  • appropriate clothing
  • priests attending should bring their own alb and stole(s)
  • small cot/air mattress (optional)
  • bathing suit for showers (optional) – all showers have shower curtains, but some people opt to bring bathing suits for added modesty and/or personal preference
  • group T-shirts (optional) – a majority of groups will have matching t-shirts that identify them as a group

Print the Packing List and be sure to share it with your group.

I have special dietary needs. Whom do I contact?

If you or anyone in your group has special dietary needs, know that our food services is able to accommodate allergies/sensitivities to Milk, Eggs, Wheat, Soy, Shellfish, Peanuts, Tree nuts, Gluten, and Diary, as well as Diabetic needs and Low sodium.

Food allergies should be recorded on your Liability Form (for more information click here)

If you have allergies not included here or wish to speak to someone about food allergies, please contact us MainCampus.Allergies@gmail.com.

Liability Form and Liability Platform?

Each participant must have Liability Form. These are generated on our online Liability Platform (for details click here). Please contact your group leader, as they will be the ones to send you a link to the form via email.

Once your group leader sends you the link, fill out the necessary information and click “submit” the form will be generated by utilizing the information you inputted.

You MUST print this form and have it signed by a parent/legal guardian (if under 18) or sign it yourself (only if over 18).

  • We cannot accept any liability form created by another organization, diocese, or regional conference.
  • We cannot accept any liability form that does not have the correct date and year.
  • We cannot accept any liability form that is not signed.
  • We cannot accept any liability form that does not have the Liability Waiver included.

One of the youth/adults in my group has severe allergies. Can they bring their own food?

Yes, but keep in mind you will not be able to get into the dorms during the day.

You can give your food and/or cooler to first aid and go there to get it at meal times. Remember that you also may not always have access to a microwave.

I would like a map of campus before I arrive. Where can I find one?

Click here

What is LEAD?

Franciscan LEAD is a five-day, Christ-centered, sacrament-soaked, prayer-fueled immersion in Catholic teachings on Leadership, Evangelization, And Discipleship inspired by the life and witness of St. Francis of Assisi. Our leadership philosophy is based on the foundation that youth leadership flows from a personal relationship with Christ. Therefore, we first give teens the tools to grow closer in their relationship with Jesus and then give them the essentials for servant leadership and evangelization. 

Franciscan LEAD is held the week before each Steubenville Youth Conference, beginning Monday and ending Friday afternoon when the participant will join his/her group for the weekend youth conference.

More information about Franciscan LEAD is available at http://www.steubenvilleconferences.com/lead

I am on the waiting list. When will I know if there are openings?

We will contact groups on the waiting list by mid-May if any spots have become available.

Because group numbers are continuously fluctuating, there is no guarantee that you will be given spots; however we will contact groups as soon as spots become available, even if it is before May.

I am handicapped. Is there any transportation around campus?

We will have one car available and you will need to request it each time. Ask anyone in a black Conference shirt and they will be happy to radio for the car.

How do I add/drop spots? Can I do it from my end? Can I get a refund for dropping spots?

All payments are nonrefundable and nontransferable.

We need all requests to add/drop spots in writing so you must send an email to youthconferences@franciscan.edu.

If you have further questions, please contact us! We’ll be happy to help!
Email: youthconferences@franciscan.edu
Call: 1-740-284-5888